Nasty Front Flip Crash for Biker Riding in the Bus Lane

Nasty Front Flip Crash for Biker Riding in the Bus Lane 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Again and again, at times when luck runs out even a minor trespassing can lead to very nasty results. Even though driving or riding in the lane specifically reserved to public transportation means breaking the law, and any cop with deduct points from your license and money from your account (by means of a fine), it’s not uncommon to see some road users treading that section of the road.
Coupling this with lack of awareness, failure to check the surrounding traffic properly and an obvious lack of skills when it comes to emergency braking simply can’t lead to a safe and sound end result. An in certain cases when one or more such “variables” are going through the roof, nasty crashes like the one below take place.

Truth be told, it’s hard to say who of the two motorists has a bigger blame for causing this crash. On one hand, I am not sure whether the cab driver was allowed to pull over in that section, and even so, he (or she) should have been much more careful before switching lanes. One motorcycle had already avoided rear-ending the taxi, and this should have made the driver much more alert, but it just wasn’t meant to be…

On the other hand, the rider has his own fair share of blame, as he was riding where he shouldn’t have, at judging by the speed he carries when he approaches from behind, he was more than a couple of mph above the speed limit. Still, he proves that his emergency braking skills are not even worth the paint he scraped off the cab’s trunk, as the first brake is also the one that flips him over.

He simply seems to squeeze the front brake for dear life. It’s true that the space between the bike and the cab is very short, but again, none of the vehicles should have been there in the first place. When a guy is riding fast and/or in restricted lanes, we might think that he or she is at least skilled enough to be prepared to expect and meet the “unexpected”, but here’s the proof that this is only wishful thinking.

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