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NASCAR Might Hold Its First F1-Style Street Race Sooner Than You Think

Your favorite motorsports event might join the city streets in a couple of months, as NASCAR is looking to expand the circuits on which it’s currently holding the beloved Cup Series. Here’s what we know so far.
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NASCAR Chicago Street Course in iRacingNASCAR Chicago Street Course in iRacingNASCAR Chicago Street Course in iRacingNASCAR Chicago Street Course in iRacingNASCAR
There were rumors. We all heard them. We wanted to believe. Now it’s starting to slowly become reality. Some were hopeful it might happen in 2022, while others thought it was just a bad idea. Undoubtedly, it makes sense for NASCAR to join F1 and IndyCar in choosing a city and its streets for a temporary track. What surprised us is how determined the stock car racing officials are to close the deal on the matter.

The Windy City might be the first urban area that will welcome NASCAR on its boulevards. Chicago streets sure seem ready for adventure, and they await the rush. So, why not just go ahead and do it? Seemingly, this is what NASCAR people want too. They’re pushing for this to happen as fast as next year, according to sources consulted by Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern. He broke the news and also said that stakeholders are looking into it with caution. Talks are currently ongoing. This doesn’t mean it’s a done deal but confirms an effort has been made.

Chicagoland Superspeedway has been part of NASCAR’s Cup Series for a long time, but its closure meant the race had to move on. Now the event eyes a return. It might turn out to be a special one. Chicago can become the city that inaugurates another exciting way for fans to see drivers taking advantage of speed and displaying their skills behind their stock cars’ steering wheels.

We should also remember that this year’s Busch Clash was a major test for NASCAR, one that proved events can take place in downtowns. It was a catalyst, one that could spark a change.

Also, if you’re a gamer, then you must know NASCAR tested the Coliseum race before doing it for real with the iRacing game. On that note, we remind you that the first street circuit introduced in iRacing was based on Chicago’s urban map. It looks like everything was prepared beforehand.

If everything goes according to plan and NASCAR manages to reach an agreement with all relevant stakeholders, then we might be able to witness history being made in 2023. But don’t get your hopes up – for now.

Editor's note: Gallery shows photos from the iRacing videogame.


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