NASCAR Looking to Cut Horsepower for 2015

NASCAR Spring Cup race cars will have less horsepower at their disposal starting next season, as the series' sanctioning body is planning on making significant changes that will extend the life of the said V8 powerplants.
NASCAR Sprint Cup 1 photo
In an interview with FoxSports at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, where the Spring Cup Auto Club 400 is scheduled to kick off later today, NASCAR vice president of Competition and Racing Development Robin Pemberton said NASCAR has had four meetings with representatives from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota on engine, aerodynamic and tire changes for 2015.

According to Pemberton, talks have included a reduction in engine displacement and changes to throttle body size, but discussion are still in the early stages.

"It's as much getting more use out of engines as it is (reducing) horsepower," he said. "They kind of feed off of each other. There's no guarantee horsepower may or may not do anything for the quality of racing, but it will allow us to do other things."

Pemberton declined to specify how many horses NASCAR is looking to cut from Sprint Cup engines, but sources familiar with the changes said a reduction from 75 to 100 horsepower is to be expected. Currently, NASCAR Sprint Cup engines generate about 865 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque.

Both Ford and Chevrolet said they will support NASCAR's efforts if they enhance durability and improve the quality of racing.

"We are actively involved with NASCAR on strategic competition and business considerations and support NASCAR's efforts to work with the manufacturers to continually evolve the sport," said Jamie Allison, director of Ford Racing.

"If it truly does potentially help the racing and then help durability on the back end, I think it's not a bad thing to do," said Pat Suhy, NASCAR Group Manager for Chevrolet Racing. "I'm in favor of change when it can make things better, so I'm hopeful that it can actually make things better."

Story via FoxSports


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