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NASCAR BMW i8 Rendered as the All-Gas, No-Electric Beast We'Ve Been Waiting For

Remember the NASCAR Land Rover Defender we recently showed you? Since the virtual machine proved a massive hit, we're back with another take on the matter.
NASCAR BMW i8 rendering 1 photo
And while the British offroading icon has tons of purist fans that would love to throw Minecraft-built rotten tomatoes at the racing pixel manipulation mentioned above, this i8 image isn't exactly a green motoring angel.

The 1s and 0s you see above once again come from Yasid Design, with the digital artist having caught the keep-left racing drift nicely.

Given the raw, mechanical this kind of racecars deliver, a NASCAR BMW i8 would have to do away with the electric part of its powertrain. No, really, a hybrid NASCAR racer would make no sense whatsoever.

Don't get us wrong, we loved the feeling of getting pulled out of a corner by the electron juice side of the i8 during our review. However, given the carbon fiber wonders BMW has worked for the structure of the mean machine, we'd love to see that piece of technology being put to old-fashioned such-squeeze-bang-blow use.

And while the mid-engined nature of the i8 might not allow for a V8 to be showed inside this Bimmer, a dual engine take could transform the car beyond recognition. We are, of course, dreaming with our visors open here, but can you hold it against us when it all has to do with such an immersive render? For one thing, we're convinced there are tons of afficionados out there who would love to see the i8 ditching its electric motor.

On a note closer to real world matters, we'd love to see a BMW i8 with a more tail-happy attitude, as a track stint easily reveals the utterly clinical nature of this BMW's handling. And this looks like a dream that's considerably more feasible.


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