Update: Mystery Koenigsegg Spotted in Sweden, Could Be the Regera "Megacar"

Last week, Sweden-based automaker Koenigsegg announced a new model called the Regera would make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd. In totally unrelated news, this mystery model has been spotted in Sweden, wearing a body kit we've never seen before. Could they be one and the same thing?
Koenigsegg Regera 5 photos
Koenigsegg RegeraKoenigsegg RegeraKoenigsegg RegeraKoenigsegg Regera
If the answer is "yes", then, the Regera will be based on the famous One:1, but will feature updated styling and performance.

The camouflage they used almost seems like paper duct tape. However, very little is left to the imagination, since the covers cling onto the bodywork like a tight dress on a sexy woman. A gigantic front spoiler is the most obvious feature, but the massive rear wing makes the resemblance with the One:1 almost uncanny. Considering how much Koenigsegg invested in the development of adaptive aerodynamics, we're not surprised to see they used it on another model. At the 440 km/h top speed this car achieves, the wing alone creates 830 kilograms of downforce.

Another change compared to the double-1 is that the air intakes that feed the engine appear slightly larger, indicating that we may be looking at even more than 1 megawatt of power. 1,400 hp sounds like a nice, round number which we can expect from them.

For those of you who don't speak fluent Swedish, Regera is a word that means to "“rule” or “reign”. So basically, the Koengsegg is letting everybody know they dominate the kingdom of cars.

Another distinct possibility is that this car, captured by Teknikens Varld, is a regular customer car. But since when do regular customer cars have such unique bodywork? It's not like $3 million hypercars come along every day.

Update: False alarm. It is actually a customer's One:1, apparently belonging to a Chinese Billionare who goes by the Instagram handle @autojc. His collection also includes a P1, a Porsche 918 Spider and a number of other rides that will make you feel depressed.


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