Mysterious Camouflaged BMW 2 Series Coupe Spotted on an US Highway

The current BMW 2 Series Coupe has been around for almost a year. During this time, the sales have been rather promising, the company also introducing the Convertible model that isn’t ready to sell just yet. Even though the testing phase for the 2er has been completed a while ago, a camouflaged model was recently spotted driving on one of America’s highways. What could it be?
BMW 2 Series Coupe Camouflaged 1 photo
Initially, you might think that this could be a prototype for the upcoming F87 M2 but getting a closer look will reveal that this is actually just a basic model with no special features to it whatsoever.

The M car will have a wider body kit, bigger wheels, a new front bumper and four tailpipes round the back and all of these elements are missing from the car we’re looking at here. Instead, this looks like any ordinary 2 Series, with two pipes stuck in the rear bumper and wearing the Sport Line.

What this could be, however, is a test mule for the new 3-cylinder 1.5-liter mills that will be introduced on the facelifted 1 Series. As you probably know, the hatchback, the coupe and the convertible share the same chassis and platform though and testing it in a different body style doesn’t really make sense.

However, weirder things have been seen in the industry so this could actually be a mule for a 3-cylinder engine but in this case, it’s an old one as the 2er was already confirmed to be available with such a mill starting with March this year, in the shape of the 218i.


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