MX vs ATV Legends Season Two Goes Live, Here's What’s New

MX vs ATV Legends didn’t quite meet our expectations at launch, but developer Rainbow Studios persevered and dropped update after update in an attempt to fix some of the issues and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Released on all platform last June, MX vs ATV Legends got one full season with important free updates and new content.
MX vs ATV Legends Season Two key art 8 photos
Photo: Rainbow Studios
MX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshotMX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshotMX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshotMX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshotMX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshotMX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshotMX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshot
Today, the folks at Rainbow Studios announced a brand-new season is going live, which will include major performance improvements, bug fixes for both online and single player modes, and many other changes meant to further enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Apart from the performance improvements that these updates will bring to the game, developers also revealed plans to give the UI and menus a fresh revamp for faster, more convenient navigation, a renovated garage to make it easier to display your vehicles, along with another important update to the gameplay physics.

But wait, there’s more! One, or more, of Season Two’s upcoming updates will bring new suspension upgrade parts from Showa, Pro Circuitry & Factory Connection, new rider gear sets from Thor, Seven, FXR, and AlpineStars, as well as new Monster Energy and Slayco Graphic kits. The latter will probably the most sought-after items in the game, although the new rider gear sets look quite appealing too.

MX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshot
Photo: Rainbow Studios
Released periodically throughout the new season, these features and updates will be small quality of life changes, but others will be massive and will change the way players interact with the game. For example, some of the features planned for Season Two include dynamic weather, photo mode, replay mode, and Steam Deck compatibility among other things.

Also, in addition to the already mentioned accessories and gear from iconic brands, Rainbow Studios announced that a continuous stream of new licensed and fantasy rider gear and vehicle customization options will be added to the game throughout the entire new season, so expect more announcements regarding this type of content.

One of the issues with MX vs ATV Legends was that the competitors controlled by the AI (artificial intelligence) were too easy to beat. Thankfully, that will be addressed in the future update, which will include improvements to the AI to make them more competitive.

According to developers, new animations will be implemented, including Tear-Offs, while collision work for off-line and online racing will get some improvements too. Apparently, big changes are coming to the leaderboard system too, as the folks at Rainbow Studios call it “the most feature rich global leaderboard system out there.” We’re pretty curious about what the developers will come up with, especially since they promised to provide more details on this feature very soon.

MX vs ATV Legends Season Two screenshot
Photo: Rainbow Studios
If you thought some of the vehicles in MX vs ATV Legends sounded weird, you weren’t imagining. But that’s about to be addressed, as developers plan to introduce big changes to the vehicle engine audio.

Some other changes coming to MX vs ATV Legends in Season Two include the return of BRAAP, which allows players to make their own custom AI competition, as well as new esports features specifically designed for online play.

Along with details about Season Two, MX vs ATV Legends developers revealed the full schedule of each track from the first DLC of the season, 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Championship, which is already available for purchase for $20.

  • Fox Raceway: unlocks May 25, real-life race May 27
  • Hangtown: unlocks June 1, real-life race June 3
  • Thunder Valley: unlocks June 8, real-life race June 10
  • High Point: unlocks June 15, real-life race June 17
  • Redbud: unlock June 29, real-life race July 1
  • Southwick: unlocks July 6, real-life race July 8
  • Spring Creek: unlocks July 13, real-life race July 15
  • Loretta Lynn’s: TBD, real-life race July 31 – August 5
  • Washougal: unlocks July 20, real-life race July 22
  • Unadilla: unlocks August 10, real-life race August 12
  • Buds Creek: unlocks August 17, real-life race August 19
  • Ironman: unlocks August 24, real-life race August 26

The AMA Pro Motocross Championship is just the first DLC for MX vs ATV Legends Season Two, but a few more will be released in the coming months. According to the studio, one of the upcoming DLC, Throwback Track Pack, will feature favorite tracks from previous MX vs ATV games. Other DLCs for Season Two include an officially licensed compound, as well as officially licensed 2023 vehicle lines from major manufacturers. These are just the first details about what’s coming in Season Two, but more information is promised in the upcoming full Season 2 Development Road Map.

And if you’re not sure if it’s worth coming back to the game, it looks like the most recent Steam reviews confirm that MX vs ATV Legends is becoming a decent game. We’re not sure if it’s worth $40, but you can always wait for a sale, which is expected to arrive no later than next month.

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