MVP Is an Aircraft You Use Both as a Boat and Camping Platform

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Imagine a seaplane that you can use in mostly all the situations you’d encounter every time you leave for vacation. MVP Aero Model 3 was designed to touch down on land and water, while still being able to turn into a sailing boat or remain a camping platform. Its designer calls it “the most versatile plane” and it’s meant to take you anywhere you want.
Designed by Delaware-based MVP Aero Inc. the seaplane’s most compelling feature is that it transforms into a versatile floating platform. The canopy moves upwards and back on a 4-bar to sit atop the engine pylon. This frees up the nose of the aircraft to resemble the front of a classic bass-type fishing boat. With the canopy open, the MVP’s engine can be run so as to continue to shore or dock, or to go along to the next cove or fishing spot.

This configuration will also allow one of the passengers to step up onto the forward deck to assist in docking and beaching duties. Excellent stability of the hull keeps the MVP relatively flat as both occupants move about. You can even reposition either of the seats onto a pedestal up on the forward deck, witch would turn you from a pilot to a sailer.

The Instrument panel is a self-contained pod that pivots up and out of the way, not only to help protect it from dripping swim suits and flip flops, but also to provide a way to create a larger flat deck. Four hinged folding panels (called the origami deck) stow atop the forward deck under the canopy and are able to be deployed in two halves to fully cover the seats of the cockpit, enabling a completely flat floor from the bow to the back of the baggage compartment,“ the aircraft’s functions are explained on the official website.

The MVP Aero Model 3 is still being built and the first will not hit the market earlier than 2017, but considering it’s priced at $189,000 you’d better start saving.

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