MV Agusta Seeks To Take Over E-Mobility With Rapido Serie Oro: Now Even Cheaper!

Back in 1907, the name Agusta would appear on the scene, but not as the leader in motorcycle design and manufacturing that they are today. Well, another branch of this timeless brand even makes e-scooters, and this is what they're up to.
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Folks, as you'd expect, I like to keep in touch with companies that mean something, and one of those crews is MV Agusta. However, I'm one of the quirky folks on the autoevolution team, and so I won't be showing off a motorcycle, but rather, a scooter, part of MV Agusta's e-mobility branch, e-MV Agusta.

That e-scooter is the Rapido Serie Oro, a little zippy machine designed to help you get around town faster than you would with your legs, all the while saving precious fuel by replacing your car for short-range trips. But, this is MV Agusta we're talking about, so expect a little something different than other machines in this price range, just €1,000 ($1,100 at current exchange rates).

First off, one way Agusta is standing apart from other manufacturers of such EVs is with a rather impressive, sharp, and attractive visual presence. Black, gold, and red are scattered all over the EV, in the process creating a scooter that's sure to catch the eyes of on-lookers.

Rapido Serie Oro
Photo: e-MV Agusta
Best of all, the frame is built from magnesium alloy, so it's a bit lighter than your typical aluminum machine. In all, it weighs 20 kg (44 lbs), but the inherent properties of magnesium provide weather and corrosion resistance. It's also foldable, so that should help if you need to climb aboard a bus or take this bugger into an elevator.

More on the frame, a fiberglass footboard is what you'll be standing on, but the question on my mind is regarding comfort. I wasn't able to see anything regarding a suspension system anywhere on the Oro. Not even the wheels seem to be soft; all the spec sheet says regarding this feature is that it's tubeless, which can also mean a honeycomb tire, and those aren't the quietest or most comfortable to be riding with.

Still, I rather enjoy how sharp and futuristic this little gem looks. It comes across as modern, flashy and even reminds us of some of its brethren. I'm talking about MV Agusta motorcycles. Heck, take a look at those fenders over each wheel and tell me I'm wrong.

Rapido Serie Oro
Photo: e-MV Agusta
Now, this is an EV, so we need to analyze the sort of battery, motor, power and range that you can squeeze out of this bugger. Well, one aspect of the Oro that's bound to appeal to interested buyers is the 500 W rated motor running under 48V and able to squeeze out a peak of 24 Nm (17.7 lb-ft) of torque. It's enough to climb 14-degree hills and can hit a software-limited top speed of 25 kph (15.5 mph EU version). Quite the power if you ask me.

Regarding range, it's a bit difficult to pin down a number for us. Why? Mainly because road conditions always vary greatly from those in testing. Even a pound of extra weight will affect your range when we're talking about e-scooters. However, the Oro is said to achieve up to 50 km (31 mi) of riding in D mode (20 kph) with a 75 kg (165 lbs) rider. Rather impressive. I weigh 78 kg (172 lbs), so that number is bound to drop, but still, GG Agusta.

As for controlling your Oro, nothing more than a set of cable-driven brakes are in place, one at the rear wheel and one at the front. I do want to point out that I like the design of this system. It's colorful, looks like it can handle some abuse, and looks good with the rest of the scooter.

A few other aspects regarding this e-scooter are the two headlights integrated into the base and the top of the steering column. In short, you should have no trouble seeing what the road ahead has to offer, and it also ensures you're seen. The rear taillight does the same.

Rapido Serie Oro
Photo: e-MV Agusta
Finally, I want to point out that the Oro, like most other EVs of this type, has a dedicated app to go along with it. Not only can you track and plan rides, check charge levels, and even find and unlock your scooter. But you can also select speed levels and mess with the lighting.

The question now remains whether this MV Agusta vehicle has what it takes to land into your life. Well, that all depends on a few things and one of those is whether you're an Agusta fan or not. Next, you have to consider the sort of daily trips you take and if they're within Oro's range.

Nonetheless, an e-scooter is all about sparing the car for short-range trips. I'm talking about heading to the grocery store, a pharmacy, or coffee on Saturday morning. You can also use it to make longer trips, but those mean bringing your charger along for the ride, and then you have to sit around for up to six hours for a full charge.

Still, I use an e-scooter for all of the above, and I can say that it's already paid for itself in savings and is now starting to fill up my piggy bank. Maybe Agusta's Rapido Serie Oro can do the same for you.
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