MV Agusta Factory Flooded by Heavy Rains, 100 Workers Sent Home

Tough end of year for MV Agusta, as the heavy rains which affect the north of Italy are causing a disruption in the activity of the iconic motorcycle manufacturer. The recent downpours have caused the water level in Lake Varese to rise significantly, causing MV Agusta to send around 100 workers at home because of the flood.
MV Agusta factory in Schiranna, on Lake Varese 1 photo
Lombardy was not spared the heavy rains which have fallen in Italy during the last days, and the Varese region is heavily affected, as well. MV Agusta’s facilities in Schiranna are located on the very banks of the lake and Italian sources report that in certain areas of the factory the water level reaches 1 meter (3 feet).

No banks protecting the old factory

The rising water levels would probably not be followed by such severe consequences if the MV Agusta factory in Schiranna was protected by enclosures and banks. But the facility is in the same place where the Aermacchi plant was back in the day. Seaplanes were also being manufactured in the factory which was built in the last century. They used to be slid directly into the lake they took off from. Each time the water level rises problems occur, but this time, things got way more serious.

Three key sectors are affected by water, development, racing and testing. Last Friday the first signs were clear: the rising water would affect the development areas, but the situation only got worse over the weekend and the racing and the testing areas joined the underwater party.

Production was halted, and everybody is expecting the weather to calm down. The forecast for the coming days seems to bring better weather and hopes that the water level will become lower, allowing MV Agusta to evaluate the damage, clean the factory and restart production.

Not exactly the best start for Mercedes, who has just bought a 25% participation in the company this very month. Surely, the Germans will want to build some flood protection structures the first thing after the waters retract. After all, seeing your investment swiped away by a flood is definitely not a good start in business, especially if this can be prevented.


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