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MV Agusta Age of Ultron Boasts Evil Looks

We've seen the presence of motorcycles in new movies is on an ascending trend, and frankly, we like that. Not only that it's cool to see nice bikes being part of the action in movies but it also helps make the sport more popular.
Ultron bike 3 photos
Ultron bikeUltron bike
However, the motorcycles-movies combination has another side-effect, which is way cooler than anything else. Some of the blockbusters that bring forth fantastic worlds and environments, futuristic technologies and all, may inspire motorcycle designers.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron must have made a strong impression on Hungarian designer Tamas Jakus of Jakusa Design, and here's the machine that draws inspiration from the robotic alternative reality. The Ultron bike appears to be based on the MV Agusta Dragster RR customized for Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

While we haven't been talking to Tamas about this very bike, seeing the red forks of the Ultron bike instantaneously took us back to November 2015 at EICMA when we met Hamilton's bike in the flesh.

The Ultron machine is less flashy than the Hamilton edition, but is at least as intriguing, if not even more. Jakus also infused a hefty dose of H.R. Giger biomechanic DNA into the Ultron bike, and the effect is easy to observe.

The organic attire of the bike does come with a dash of intimidating effect. The vibe is also accented by the rather uncomfortable feeling caused by the headlight. Does HAL's red eye ring any bells? If not, it's time for some Arthur C. Clarke time and you could to well to watch Space Odyssey.

We can't be sure whether Ultron would choose an MV Agusta, in case he considers becoming a serious rider, but we believe Tamas Jakus' concept would rank high on his "to be considered" list.


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