Mustang Shelby GT350 Reportedly Has First Customer Crash, Hit by Woman Texting in a Camry

We all knew it was bound to happen, but we hoped the first customer crash of a Mustang Shelby GT350 wouldn't come so soon. As it seems, we were wrong.
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Photo: Ford
At least for now, there are no pictures of the damaged pony, as all we have is a story coming from a Redditor who witnessed everything. The man's post seems legit, so here we are, talking about the reported unfortunate event. Don't forget the mandatory grain of salt, though.

While many probably expected the driver to make poor use of that flat-plane Voodoo and lose control, the GT350 was purportedly hit by another car. This is the part where things become really unpleasant, as we are talking about a texter in her Toyota Camry.

The Redditor claims he noticed the texting driver three traffic lights before she caused the accident: "I pull up to a red light and look over to see this older toyota camry with this chick in it buried in her phone texting. Next light, same chick with the texting problem. Light turns green and I go, she takes a few moments to go. Saw her one more time at a light like that."

As for the moment of the accident, this was worse than expected, with the track-savvy pony counting as collateral damage: "I then come up to the intersection where my pharmacy is and the light begins to change. So I come to a stop, the SUV turning left starts to go, then stops. Out of no where a car blows the light and hits the SUV head on. It's the texting girl. Not enough to be a full head on, hits driver corner to driver corner. The car bounces off the SUV at an angle and hits a car trying to turn right [yep, this was the GT350]. It was the same dumb **** texting."

The man also describes the aftermath of the accident and, as you'll be able to see, things only get worse: "There was a kid in the SUV. Banged his head up. Texter girl still hasn't gotten out of her now destroyed toyota. Didn't look like the airbag deployed. She was helped out and looked no worse for wear. Spoke with the guy that was trying to turn right. Got the front bumper ripped off and hood and corner panel smashed. He just got his car two days ago and was just coming home from getting his windows tinted."

As for the driver of the Shelby, the man's insurance reportedly included new car replacement. However, even with the financial side covered by the insurance company, getting your hands on a GT350 might require plenty of waiting.

While it's not difficult to understand why the Redditor didn't take photos of the bashed Mustang, we still need to see some pics to believe the story. Speaking of which, we'd be pretty happy to find out this was pure trolling fiction.
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