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Mustang EcoBoost Sound Comparison: Active Noise Control On vs Stock Engine Sound

In the latest installment of the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost fake engine noise saga, somebody has finally made a proper sound comparison of how the four-pot turbo'd pony roars with and without the aural help of the Active Noise Control system.
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To make a long story short, an American automotive journalist fettled with the fuse box of a 2.3-liter Ford Mustang EcoBoost and removed the audio system's fuse, then tweeted that without fuse #27, the sixth-generation Mustang's "stereo & engine go quiet."

A few moments after the curious finding, somebody at Ford confirmed to the U.S. automotive media that the fake engine noise enhancement is a standard feature on the 2015 model year Ford Mustang EcoBoost, marketed as the Active Noise Control.

Of course, many fans of the breed started to wonder if the engine and exhaust sound alone don't deliver enough aural pleasure, but the following video finally delivers a definitive answer to how much a difference this Active Noise Control feature actually makes.

After numerous repeats and listening very closely to the EcoBoost's in-cabin racket, our take is that there's minimal difference between the natural noise of the four-cylinder mill and the artificial noise alteration bit of kit. In all frankness, the ANC system adds some low end bellow to the raspy soundtrack of the natural engine and exhaust sound, enriching the mechanical symphony with a bit of fullness.

Editor's note: the chirp sound you can hear while the driver shifts from 1st to 2nd is rather tasty.

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