Mustang Announces Custom Seats for Star Bolt

Mustang announces their all-new seats for the acclaimed Star/ Yamaha Bolt. As the Bolt is already a hit, it was only natural that Mustang thought about adding even more character to the successful machine.
Star Bolt Mustang Seats 4 photos
Star Bolt seats from MustangStar Bolt seats from MustangStar Bolt seats from Mustang
The Tripper Fastback is a two-up, one-piece seat, 10" (25.4 cm) wide, with a comfy low cut and which provides good lower back support for the rider. The pillion was not forgotten, as the Tripper Fastback comes with plenty of real estate for the passenger, as well.

Star Bolt can also be loaded with one of the two solo versions: the Winde Vintage Solo or the Vintage Solo. The Vintage Solo is as straightforward as the Bolt itself: no studs or conchos, only the 14"-wide (35.5 cm) bucket to make longer hauls more comfortable.

The Wide version comes with optional studs and conchos if that's your style, and both models have matching passenger seats, and adjustable, easily removable rider backrests as optional accessories.

Mustang offers the Tripper Fastback for $319 (€235), just like the Vintage Solo. For studs and conchos on the Wide Studded Solo, you'll fork out $329 (€242).


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