Must Watch: Fixing Car Dents With Popcorn?

We thought that fixing dents required a body shop and, when you are a pro at least, one of those devices that welds a little rivet to the metal so you can pull the dent out. After that you just have to redo the paint and you’re done.
But what if there was a simpler, less intrusive way of getting rid of those little car park dings without the need for paint or expensive tools.

The video you are about to see spills the figurative beans on a little trade secret that den repair guys supposedly use. It’s pretty much self explaining: add popcorn, start the engine, popcorn swells up, dent is gone.

We’re very skeptical by nature, and we’re not sure the method is legit', but is should cause a tidalwave in the dent-fixing industry.

Source: Rive Lust


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