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Musk Open to Sending Cybertruck to Space on Starship

In February 2018, Elon Musk and his SpaceX company made history by sending a car into space. It was a cherry-red Roadster, that got shot well beyond the Earth orbit on board the Falcon Heavy, during its maiden voyage.
Tesla Cybertruck flying to space on Falcon Heavy 10 photos
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The achievement in itself was not extraordinary, as the rocket had it in it to carry more than the weight of the Roadster, and the car itself is doing nothing really now, aside for roaming aimlessly throughout the solar system.

It was, however, the perfect publicity stunt, a way of shooting two birds with one stone and let the world know what both Tesla and SpaceX can do if they put their minds to it.

Despite being just a publicity stunt with no applicable function, launching a car into space prompted planetary protection officer Lisa Pratt to hint the organization is not very comfortable knowing there are red Roadsters flying around through space.

This will probably not stop Musk from pulling the stunt again if he finds it worthwhile. In fact, someone even suggested it to him, and it seems lights flickered in its head already.

A Twitter user by the user name justpaulinelol posted at the beginning of the week a short animated video that shows a Cybertruck sitting on top of a Falcon Heavy rocket.

Musk quickly noticed, and replied that perhaps the Cybertruck could be launched to space on board the Starship instead. After all, they are both made of the same material...

"Cybertruck for the next Falcon Heavy payload @elonmusk?" asked the Twitter user.

“Maybe on Starship? It’s def got the payload capacity …” Musk replied.

Of course, we’ll have to wait some more before seeing what the cargo of choice for the first Starship launch would be, but we can phantom such a development. After all, just like the Cyberquad ATV helped a lot with the launch of the car, so can the Cybertruck help bring more publicity for the Starship.


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