Multitude of Ads Showing Pleased Chevy Volt Owners

Chevy Volt Ad 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
You may think that these ads are just marketing mumbo-jumbo, but it seems that the people interviewed for the making of this slew of ads seem genuinely happy and pleased. We’ve watched so many car ads that very few really impress us, and, well these ads are about halfway there.
These ‘happy Volt’ commercials are designed to completely convince owners of the advantages of the system. Granted, the car features a very smart setup and it does genuinely use very little fuel, if you use it as intended and always plug it in, coast down hills and whatnot.

However, it will still not appeal to everybody, as it requires an owner who is mildly tech-savvy and willing to spend some time preparing the car to run as intended. We think that the Volt still needs to evolve, as this is merely the first stepping stone into the mass-market adoption of range-extenders, and with future improvements looming, and the car having already been updated once, the Volt is here to stay, and its sales will only increase.

Once the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera is also launched in Europe, and the sales figures of the two cars will be (justifiably) cumulated, that will be the point when the concept moves to the next level. Do these ads make you want to buy the car in the detriment of your favourite car? We think that the correct answer to the question is not ‘no’, but rather ‘not yet’.

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