Mulgo Pop Top Conversion for the Ineos Grenadier Offers Owners Versatility and Comfort

Mulgo Pop Top for the Ineos Grenadier 15 photos
Photo: Expedition Centre
Mulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierExpedition Centre' Land Cruiser conversionExpedition Centre' Land Cruiser conversionExpedition Centre' Land Cruiser conversionMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos GrenadierMulgo Pop Top for the Ineos Grenadier
The Ineos Grenadier has been out for just a few months, but the off-road utility vehicle has already proved a huge success for Ineos Automotive, attracting plenty of customers who prefer the ruggedness and no-frills design of a body-on-frame SUV. Due to its retro-styling, utilitarian design, and ability to go anywhere, the new 4x4 is poised to become a favorite among old-school off-roaders and overlanding enthusiasts.
Camper conversion companies have already sensed the Grenadier's great potential to become a capable rig, so they're gearing up to offer camper kits for the new vehicle, which is on sale in several markets already and will make its way to the US in early 2024.

Sydney-based pop-top camper specialists Expedition Centre have just unveiled the world's first pop-top conversion designed specifically for the Ineos Grenadier, enabling owners to turn their vehicle into a camper and embark on memorable road trips or off-road adventures.

The Australian outfitter, who has been building pop-up roofs for the most popular 4x4s since 2009, has adapted its Mulgo Pop Top for the four-door SUV, offering owners great versatility, comfort, and freedom to explore the outdoors.

Mulgo Pop Top for the Ineos Grenadier
Photo: Expedition Centre
Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the camper kit keeps weight to the minimum, maintains the body's rigidity and structural integrity, and ensures durability thanks to the material's rust resistance. The Mulgo Pop Top replaces the car's original roof and turns the Grenadier's cabin into a comfortable sleeping space for two.

Unlike a rooftop tent or cab-over slide-on, the Mulgo Pop Top is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's body panels for a genuine look. The roof itself lifts in just a few seconds thanks to gas struts and latches accessible from the inside, and the outfitters even included the load-bearing handles, external power points, and genuine interior lighting as part of the conversion.

The extension adds 7.0 inches (almost 18 cm) of height to the vehicle, and since the sleeping platform can be adjusted separately, you can lift it when not in use to create standing room inside. An adult will be able to stand in the rear of the vehicle without increasing the frontal profile of the Grenadier.

Mulgo Pop Top for the Ineos Grenadier
Photo: Expedition Centre
Comfort for a good night's sleep is guaranteed by an included 2.8-inch thick dual-layer, high-density mattress. Setting up the bed and packing it down are easy tasks, as the sleeping bags can remain in the space between the supporting platform and the roof when closed, greatly simplifying packing. LED reading lights are also included in the sleeping area.

A Swiss-designed Fanello bed with timber slats and patented latex cushions is also available as an upgrade for those who want extra comfort in their home on wheels.

As for the walls of the pop-up roof, these are made from Airtex, a weatherproof, breathable fabric that will keep the interior fresh and airy while also protecting campers from the elements. Mosquito nets cover the windows, which can be closed from the inside using the Velcro lining. There are two side windows and one in the back, all of them large enough to allow owners to enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings while lying in bed.

Airline tracks are mounted on the top of the roof so you can run load bars or roof racks, and Expedition Center also offers an optional solar panel for the roof.

Since we are on the topic of optional extras, we should mention that the Australian conversion specialist also offers buyers the opportunity to fit additional camper gear on the Grenadier if they want more amenities for a complete RVing experience. For instance, MOLLE panels can be installed on the underside of the bed to keep things organized. Moreover, with the roof popped open, the cargo area could fit a slide-out kitchen for cooking on the road, while rails on the exteriors of the doors can be used to attach tables.

Mulgo Pop Top for the Ineos Grenadier
Photo: Expedition Centre
Actually, Expedition Centre says some space-efficient packages for the Toyota Land Cruiser with cooking facilities and even an extra convertible bed could perfectly fit inside the Grenadier, too, to turn it into a full-fledged 4x4 micro-camper.

Hardware-wise, the Ineos is very close to a dream 4X4 for off-road enthusiasts. It boasts a beefy ladder frame, five-link solid front and rear axles, and a potent 3.0-liter turbodiesel coupled to a competent eight-speed automatic transmission. Locking front and rear diffs, a low-range gearbox, and a large fuel tank further enhance its appeal.

This is certainly not the fanciest camper conversion on the market, but it matches the simplicity and spartan design of the British 4x4 and does provide a decent level of versatility and mobility for those looking for a low-profile off-road rig. We expect to see more Grenadier conversion kits from other companies in the future, including from North America, focused either on wild camping on any type of terrain or on glamping in style closer to the city.

Expedition Centre presented the new Mulgo Pop Top for the Ineos Grenadier at the recent Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show. The company offers the kit for AU$15,750 without optional extras (which is approximately US$10,185 at current exchange rates).

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