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MRS Off-World Machine Boasts a Supercharged V8 Diesel Engine: Time to Pollute More Planets
While exploring the world for unique concepts that seem to border on reality, I've run across a modular off-world explorer dubbed the MRS. Best of all, it's a rather detailed exploration of how such a machine can be designed and what it can achieve on planets like Mars.

MRS Off-World Machine Boasts a Supercharged V8 Diesel Engine: Time to Pollute More Planets

MRSMRSMRS CockpitMRS ChassisMRSMRS ChassisMRS HabitatMRS ArmsMRS ArmsMRS SuspensionMRS Diesel EngineMRS DronesMRS Arms SchematicsMRS Wheel SchematicsMRS Chassis Schematics
Folks, MRS is nothing more than a conceptual design from the mind of Connery Xu, a vehicle design student from Beijing, China, with a knack for exploring form and function like very few designers before him. Honestly, this is the approach that all designers should take whenever they create something; be thorough.

Now, MRS stands for something: Modular, Rescue, and System. With that in mind, you can already begin to understand just what this machine is designed for. If you need some help, let's take the next few minutes and explore the design and capabilities of this off-world machine.

As we can clearly see, this bugger is shaped like a rover, albeit with just four wheels. However, unlike rovers these days, this one is massive and designed to harbor an array of systems, spaces, and utensils, all aimed at exploring planets and unknown terrains.

When I initially started this article, I mentioned that the level and attention to detail forced me to bring this concept to light. Take a look at something as simple as the chassis. It's here that I began to realize just how far Xu took his idea. You'll be able to explore systems such as the suspension, engine, and even mobile arms used to fiddle around in the soil or remove debris from the MRS' path.

Exploring the schematics for the MRS, I was awestruck that this beast showcases a V8 diesel engine with a supercharger. All I have to say about that is that we haven't even finished polluting this planet, and already we're on to the next one.

Again, once you look beyond the pollution to come out of this bugger, you may still feel compelled to appreciate Xu's work. Even the wheels have seen special attention and development. As a result, it shows us the system's dynamics and how it could work.

As for the massive habitat on top of this chassis, it's here that fortunate humans will be hanging out, taking a ride in an artificial environment suitable for the human body. At the front, a large cockpit with futuristic displays seems to fit just two people, while the rear showcases a sickbay, similar to those we've seen in movies; a sort of tube with healing panels all around.

Just imagine yourself as an interplanetary explorer who's suddenly found themselves in a bit of a bind. With just a message to base, two crew members hop into the MRS, fit for the task at hand, and come out to rescue you. Maybe you're caught in a storm, have a broken arm, or your oxygen is depleting fast. Even in the latter situation, with a supercharged diesel engine and a suspension that looks ripped right off of a Baja buggy, you should be safe in no time.

At the end of the day, it doesn't even matter if this design makes it into a real machine. Personally, I can see this in some Hollywood blockbuster flick where humans are stuck in some predicament on Mars or other planets, and the MRS and its crew end up saving the day.


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