Motorcycle Thief Gets Creative When The Alarm Starts

Motorcycle thief 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Thieves these days - they got no remorse in checking out a motorcycle during plain daytime, and there are few things you can do to protect your bike. And usually, that’s an alarm.
Although some experienced bike thieves will be able to disable your alarm before snagging your beloved motorcycle, the device should be enough to deter the average opportunist thug.

What happens in the video here was captured by a surveillance camera. So, there’s this quiet street in between two tall buildings where two motorcycles are parked. One appears to be a BMW R1200GS in silver while the blue one must be an old Honda Hornet.

Next, comes a dude with a red backpack and a plastic bag in his hand going straight to the Hornet. He first checks if the steering is locked, after which he makes a few steps back as something scared him away.

However, the next second he approaches the bike again, hangs his bag on the handlebar and proceeds to search for something in his backpack. He then leaves as if nothing happened.

It might look like a boring clip, because you won’t see him push the bike away, but at a closer inspection, the guy was almost busted, so he tried to cover up his actions somehow.

The video doesn't have sound, but the bike definitely has a working alarm. Just look at the window to the right as a person opens it and takes a look below to see what’s happening just moments after the would-be-thief touches the bike.

Apparently, he tried to shake off suspicion by pretending he was just resting his bag on the bike while he was searching for something in his backpack and that’s what triggered the bike’s alarm.

Well, his trick worked; the person upstairs totally believed his charade and went back inside. The guy then simply walked away, and he will probably try his luck with another bike soon.

Moral of the story? If you hear your alarm blasting (or someone else’s), do check right away what’s happening and don’t leave if everything seems normal at first. Also, use multiple anti-theft devices if you have a bike.

It’s true that professional thieves can snatch up your ride if they really plan on doing it, but having an alarm, a disklock and a chain securing it to something solid will surely make their work a lot harder, and you might catch them on time.

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