Motorcycle Security Tips

Any rider is (or should be) aware of its vulnerability when it comes to theft prevention, as there are more motorcycles stolen than cars... and even less recovered. Being an easy target for the thieves is something that could be avoided if most riders would simply follow some basic steps in order to protect their motorcycles. After all, it’s better to be a bit more careful than being too late in the field. Moreover, what you should know is that, just like with cars, thieves are more interested on the older and common models, as they can further sell them for parts. Therefore, if you are a proud owner of a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Kawasaki or Ducati built between 1990 and 2002, you should keep your eyes wide open, since you might be the next target. You should keep that in mind even when you go on to buy some used parts, as one day you might even buy your own.... Getting down to business, the main security tips that any rider should be following are detailed below. Where to Park the Motorcycle?
Every rider looks for the most convenient and practical place to park its motorcycle. Well, what if we tell you that thieves are also into easy access and a quick getaway? That would change your perspective a bit, wouldn’t it? Now, we don’t say that we did it ourselves, but the most common way to steal a bike is getting some strong guys or a small winch and a locked motorcycle will be easily lifted and fitted into a van... and so long, bike!

So, it’s better to keep your motorcycle in a garage. Riders who don’t have a garage should consider parking their bike in a place where it can be easily seen and near where people are working (non-stop shops or drugstore). After all, no thief wants to be seen at work. If you are just passing through, you should walk out to your motorcycle periodically. That, of course, if it is out of your sight. Looking for an outdoor security camera and park in its view would be an idea also.

Locking the Motorcycle

Most bike thefts occur when the ignition is shut off, but not locked, so you should lock your ignition and remove the key. If you are parking your bike in a high crime area you should leave your seat open so that thieves do not break the seat lock when searching for items to steal.

But, since a professional thief could steal your bike in just 15 seconds, you should consider using several types of security devices. The more of them you use, the safer you’ll be. A combination of an alarm and an immobiliser is a good idea, especially if they are professionally fitted.

Security Devices:

Motorcycle Cable Lock - it is used for locking the frame of your motorcycle to the front wheel; most of the locking mechanisms is made of stainless steel and brass, offering protection from rust, and is encased in thick hardened plastic.
Motorcycle Disc Lock - a portable, relatively difficult to break and easy-to-use device; sometimes you might even forget you have it with you.
Motorcycle U Lock - it is made of steel in a U shape; it uses durable PVC sleeve covers chrome steel shackle to prevent marring and scratching, their hardened solid steel lock prevents prying, sawing and hammer impacts.
Motorcycle Security Chain - heavy to lift, strong cut resistance and have protective coating helps prevent scratching. The special steel alloy welded links are case hardened to resist sawing attack and deep through hardened to resist bolt cropping.
Motorcycle Alarm - It is compact, easy to install, and it can be adjusted for sensitivity to personal preferences; some insurance companies even offer a discount for having an alarm system installed on the bike.

And don’t forget: avoid giving out private information on where you live, work or play, and always keep your license and registration with you, never in your bike’s storage compartment, tank bag or saddlebag. Avoid locks that feature tubular cylinders (the ones with the round key).

Ride safe!
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