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Motorcycle Officer Busts Fake Carpooling Mannequin

We live in a day and age when almost everyone owns a car, meaning traffic congestion is on the rise since people usually drive alone to work and back home. Thankfully, we got the carpool lane facilitating those who prefer to share their ride, but as with many other things, people found a way to cheat this system too.
Fake passenger for carpooling 1 photo
Drivers using the carpool lane without an extra human passenger might not sound like news, but this guy here gets busted by the police in a funny way. And the thing he says to the officer is even better.

According to an LA Times report, Brea motorcycle police officer was traveling northbound on the freeway near Tonner Canyon when a pickup truck suddenly turned out of the carpool lane nearly hitting the officer rider.

He proceeded to pull up next to the guy’s window and at least give him a lecture on being more careful during lane changes, but he was shocked to see a mannequin in the passenger seat. The dummy passenger was also dressed accordingly, wearing a black hoodie and all.

Just imagine the face the police officer made when he saw the masquerade. Even better, imagine it the moment the driver reportedly explained him the scheme wasn’t new, and he had been using it as a time-saving trick for “quite some time.”

The names of the driver and officer were not released, but it has been reported that the police issued a citation for driving solo through the carpool lane. We only hope the driver and many like him (we doubt he is the only one to pull this scheme) will learn a lesson and get straight.

I still don’t get it why drivers prefer to go sit in traffic alone in their car. There are tons of apps for car sharing and one extra passenger surely does make your commute less boring.


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