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Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round Looks Fun, but Booze Is Still a No-No

Replacing the horses in a merry-go-round fairground ride with motorcycles might very well be one of the coolest mods such a device could receive. Of course, this means that people who will be riding it will no longer be your kids, at least not as long as you haven't gotten them to ride a motorbike.
Would you ride this Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round? 1 photo
Teenagers and adults alike, they'd be happy riding this carousel, provided they have a decent sense of balance or are acquainted with what leaning on a motorcycle feels like.

The bikes are mounted on mobile arms or, in this case, chains that extend under the action of the centrifugal force, and this is the only way people could remain astride. The leaning bikes react just like a motorcycle would when ridden on the road around a bend.However, while leaning when on a bike comes naturally and counteracts the centrifugal force, this carousel lets the same force act freely
The visual impression is that of a fairly low speed, but in reality we're talking about speeds where injuries can easily occur in real life. Just take your time and try to remember how you used to fly from the spinners in the playground when you were a child, and it should be relevant as to how you'd fly from this carousel.

Even though this ride seems like a safe one, we'd advise those who fancy it to be careful. Likewise, combining motorbikes and booze, even when not riding on the roads or trails, can have undesirable results. And this time, there's no grass or sand to break your fall, but the cold and wet concrete that's just as happy to scrape off some skin from your knees, hands, or elbows. Honestly, if you ask us, this looks like one of the shortest routes to movement sickness, and we'd choose a ride in the rain over this at any time.


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