Motorcycle Cop Forgets about Speed Bump and Crashes Spectacularly

Ever wondered what happens if you run into a speed bump while doing more than the legal limit? Well, now you get too see how things work out, but with two more factors involved: a police bike did that, and the rider was not aware he's got a speed bump in the way. The result could have been very, very bad.
The footage comes from Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, and shows one of the policemen riding in the Presidential guard hitting a speed bump. The back of the motorcycle jumps up the air and the rider falls forward, crashing in front of it.

We might say this accident was a super-mega-higher-than-anything-else-side. The policeman was however very lucky the bike fell just inches away form him: should the machine flipped directly over the rider, we'd have probably watched videos from the guy's funeral.

With absolutely no damping for his own body as the bike hits the speed bump, all the mass of the rider acts as a “dead weight” and that's really bad for biking. The guy is ok, though pretty shaken. And yes, the helmet was worth every last penny. Saw that, anti-helmet guys?
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