Motorcycle and Surf Themed Fashion Icon Deus ex Machina for Sale

Deus ex Machina is up for grabs, but it looks like the company is not going public, at least not by its own. Deus ex Machina founder Dare Jennings confirms that he is going to sell the company, but nothing 100% certain was offered to the media.
Deus custom motorcycle 1 photo
According to the Financial Review, Dare Jennings is in advanced talks with L-Capital, a private equity division of LVMH Group. LVMH Group is also one of the world's biggest luxury goods company, so we can expect Deus ex Machina to grow even more and faster than it did during the past decade.

Deus ex Machina sprouted as Jennings' brainchild after he sold his former surfwear business, Mambo. The main idea behind Deus ex Machina was to deliver apparel inspired by the custom motorcycle scene and the surf one. The result was in sync with the custom bikes proudly wearing the Deus badge, and the apparel went from niche to mainstream in a relatively short time.

Going global as a personal effort says a lot

Some riders would perhaps be tempted to see Deus as a "hipster" business, but things are far deeper than a simple label. Jennings built a strong business that span across continents, and he did this all by himself.

Deus has headquarters in Indonesia, Japan, Los Angeles and Milan, laying the foundation for a greater future. The next step is a big one, and Deus has to grow, Jennings admits. "Pretty much every country in the world we've taken this concept to wants to participate. We've created the platform; the harsh reality is we need cash to grow from here," he says, according to afr. He also says that, even if the future is far from being certain, he plans to remain involved with the brand.

Becoming a fashion icon in the custom scene with some Ducati know-how

Jennings was able to take Deus to the next level after he enlisted help from Federico Minoli, a former Ducati North America CEO and automotive consultant. Minoli helped Jennings refine the contact between the custom motorcycle scene and the surfing one, creating a better setup for future products with a specific target.

Jennings hopes that with him being still involved with the brand he took from zero to hero in only ten years, this connection will remain intact. Stories like those of Mambo (after the sale) or Billabong.

It also looks like the Deux custom bike business will continue to grow, even though we'll have to dig deeper to find out more about it.


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