Motoped Survival Bike Is The Ultimate In Pedal-Power Adventuring

Regardless of whether you’re looking to disappear into the woods for a weekend or if you’re trying to do some doomsday prepping, Motoped has the answer for you. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, the company already sells an innovative half bicycle and half dirtbike mashup, but it is about to take two-pedal adventuring to an entirely new level with the upcoming Motoped Survival Bike.
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Motopeds Survival BikeMotopeds Survival BikeMotopeds Survival BikeMotopeds Survival BikeMotopeds Survival Bike
Starting with what looks to be the same basic frame as a standard Motoped product, the Survival Bike ditches the motocross-style look and adds more rugged standard equipment like the rear rack and two side-mounted jerry cans. The true cool factor of this machine comes from its amazing list of optional gear that can all be fitted somewhere on the frame and rack.

The available options range from mild to wild. For the casual adventurer, the Motoped Survival Bike can be equipped with a mount for your iPhone or GPS, a mini LED flashlight and a few multi-tool kits, but those looking to go a little deeper into the woods might want to consider features like the climbing rope with carabiners, tools such as a survival shovel, harpoon, and an axe and, yes, there’s even room for a compound crossbow. The image above shows what the Survival could look like loaded up with all its gear.

Wanna talk about range? The primary fuel tank plus the added optional side mounted jerry cans will enable you to go about 250 to 300 miles (402 - 483 km). That's a good thing when you're traveling through the desert on a horse with no name...

All that gasoline can be used to power either a 49 cc or a 125 cc single-cylinder engine. The former puts out 2 horsepower while the latter does a heftier 7.8 hp. An electric starter is standard for both while the 125 can also be kickstarted.

Depending on your setup, the maximum speed will be reached at 24 or 45 mph (38 or 72 km/h) accordingly. Personally, I would go with the 125 cc regarding the fact that you'll carry all that survival gear and them zombies being quite fast in certain cases.

As expected, being a bike that was designed to feel at home on dirt roads and trails, both front and rear suspension is adjustable. The fork can be had with either 6 or 8 inches (152 or 203 mm) of travel.

Depending on the options you choose, a Motoped Survival will cost between $3,199 and $3,799. Remember that all units are built to order, and you'll have to wait a bit until you get one.
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