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Motoped, the Motorized Mountain Bike

The Motoped is by all means, an awesome idea: having the cool looks, strength and light weight of a mountain bike packed with the power, fuel economy and awesome reliability of a small-displacement pit bike engine in the same package sounds like a dream come true for the urban slicers who like to get faster and easier up, where the downhill race begins.
The whole idea is based on a mountain bike-inspired light frame which can accommodate bicycle wheels and brakes, but which can also be loaded with a small 4-stroke 50-150cc engine, say from the likes of the small Honda CRF and similar dirt bikes.

Add in a motorcycle-type swingarm and there you go, being able to silently pedal your way on the sidewalk or start the engine and blast across the forest trails. Not legal in all states (read California), the Motoped is a truly creative approach to blending in bikes and motorbikes, obtaining a package which appeals to kids and adults alike.

The only potential downfall of the endeavor is the ridiculously high Kickstarter goal of $250,000 (€188,880). 36 days remaining and 1 tenth into the goal, this might not take off, as cool this idea may be. Good luck, anyway!

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