Motoinno TS3, the Hub Center Steering MacPherson Parallelogram Suspension

Motoinno TS3 is not exactly a new type of suspension, but it certainly looks like a refinement of previous incarnations of other similar systems.
Motoinno TS3 bike and its weird suspension 1 photo
Photo: Loz Blain/Gizmag
If you're not acquainted with other types of front suspensions than traditional telescopic forks, the Motoinno will look not only crazy but also funny and impractical. Still, there's more to this than meets the eye.

The creators of the Motoinno TS3 suspension claim that the bike they tested was one second quicker PER TURN than a Suzuki GSX carrying the same rider. This does indeed sound a bit far-fetched, but considering that they have plans to make a demonstration this year in Moto2, we're going to have to wait for more relevant results.

On the tech side, the Motoinno promises to offer a lighter structure that solves several problems traditional forks and hub-steering systems have to deal with.

Without getting too deep into tech details, we'll just say that traditional forks have the main issues: the alteration of a bike's geometry under braking, lateral flex during banking, and the huge forces appearing in the steering neck area.

On the other hand, hub-steering systems are rather bulky, and even the most precise of them tend to feel a bit sluggish, reducing the firm feel riders have from their front wheel.

Motoinno solves these problems (and, reportedly, more) by combining the best features of the MacPherson and hub-steering suspensions and adding a scissors link to the game.

Diving and other forces that affect a bike's chassis under heavy braking are said to be dealt with thanks to the lower linkage system, while the sloppy feel is eliminated thanks to the scissors link.

In a way, we could say that the Motoinno optimizes the best elements of multiple suspension systems and re-arranges them in a new contraption that promises to do everything better. This includes no geometry modifications, drastically reduced dive, lower weight, the same precise steering feel, and lower forces tormenting the bike's neck.

The creators of the Motoinno TS3 suspension say they already got a prepped Honda engine for Moto2 and plan to build a bike with it and take it racing this year. Also, a carbon fiber TS3 system is being experimented with.

It's not the first time someone makes claims as to how they will change the game in the motorcycle racing top tier... and fails. Will Motoinno make a difference? Bring it on!

PS: If you want to see something that is TRULY mind-bowing, check out Geco, the Shape-Shifting Motorcycle.

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