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Motion R’s Carbon Fiber Therapy Works Wonders for This Modified Ford Ranger
It isn’t just lighter, a hell of a lot meaner, too!

Motion R’s Carbon Fiber Therapy Works Wonders for This Modified Ford Ranger

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Ever since its debut, the Blue Oval’s mighty Ranger became many tuners weapon of choice for their ambitious aftermarket exploits. Not only does Ford’s iconic pickup pride itself with exemplary behavior off the beaten track, but it also brings about a vicious aesthetic that simply begs for a ruthless widebody kit to be attached.

Take, for instance, the range-topping Lariat 4WD SuperCrew 5’ Box trim in the Ranger’s diverse lineup. This bad boy is brought to life by a powerful 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost inline-four engine that’ll happily generate up to 270 hp at around 5,500 revs. On the other hand, this remarkable piece of intercooled machinery will deliver as much as 310 pound-feet (420 Nm) of crushing torque at 3,000 rpm.

A ten-speed SelectShift automatic gearbox is tasked with handing over the engine’s brutal oomph over to an all-wheel-drive system. At the front, the entire structure is supported by an independent short and long arm setup, while rear suspension duties are taken good care of by a set of leaf springs and outboard shock absorbers.

The Ranger crawls on 18-inch aluminum hoops that come equipped with disc brakes on all four sides. It weighs 4,441 lbs (2,014 kg) on an empty stomach, and its wheelbase measures 126.8 inches (3,220 mm). Lastly, this trim is priced starting at $39,870, which isn’t too bad when you take its competent characteristics into consideration!

Now, the creature we’re looking at today hails from England’s Motion R – one of the most ambitious tuners you’ll find on British soil. The crew boasts a combined experience of over fifty years in the automotive industry, specializing mainly in the art of visual customization. Over the years, these talented auto artists developed an array of aftermarket modules for the Blue Oval’s machines, including the fearsome Ranger and the humble Transit.

To give you a clear idea as to what Motion R’s experts are all about, we’ll be diving in for a closer examination of their work on Ford’s vicious pickup truck. Let me tell you, their monstrous body kit will make your standard Ranger look like it’s been eating Raptors for breakfast!

For starters, you will find a plethora of carbon fiber components adorning the vehicle’s front fascia to achieve a downright menacing aesthetic. The new units include a bulky hood that hosts a wide air intake, a fresh front bumper with humungous inlets, and one beefy carbon grille, which replaces the manufacturer’s badge with the tuner’s very own.

On the flanks, Motion R proceeded to install a pair of wide side skirts that keep things looking rad, as well as chunky fender flares for a healthy dose of extra muscle. The stock wheels were discarded to make room for a set of 20-inch alloy hoops, enveloped in all-terrain rubber.

At the rear end, the Ranger was treated to an ominous tailgate spoiler and a fierce diffuser that houses quad exhaust tips, besides a set of new quarter panels that round out the cosmetic pizzazz. Inside, the Brits added carbon fiber trimmings on the dashboard and a flat-bottom steering wheel with perforated leather. Optionally, they will be more than happy to replace the original seats with custom alternatives, hugged by Nappa leather.

And that concludes it, folks. We can probably all agree that Motion R’s beast won’t be mistaken for an ordinary Ranger any time soon!


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