Most Common Motorcycle Accidents Explained

Here's an extremely useful motorcycle safety web resource which could help reduce the number of accidents involving motorcycles.
Most Common Motorcycle Accidents Explained 1 photo
Though in French, the excellent animated videos are as intuitive as it gets, especially as each of the depicted accident has multiple points of view: the rider, the car and the above camera. Even more, a dedicated section offers explanations for the development of the crashes.

There are 7 most common types of accidents, as follows: the crashes at junctions, when cars enter the intersection in front of the bike, accounting for about 20% of the accidents, according to the French studies. Then it's the rider losing control of the motorcycle, because of multiple factors including speeding, road conditions, and so on, accounting for a fifth of the number of crashes, as well.

Next in line come the overtaking-related accidents with a 14% share, followed by lane-changing crashes caused by drivers not checking with the mirrors and cutting riders off, drivers steering left in front of the bikes, with 13 percent. The final two are failing to brake in due time when approaching from behind (6%) and crashes involving pedestrians and unaware riders, with about 5%.

Far from being absolute statistics, the purpose of these videos is to help motorcycle users be more aware, ride in a safer manner and making the roads a better place.


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