Most Amazing Ferrari Enzo in the World Can Rival a LaFerrari, Does 950 HP Donuts

950 HP Ferrari Enzo doing donuts 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Ladies and gentlemen drivers, meet what is probably the most... experienced modern-day Ferrari. In fact, you can probably forget the “probably” - we really don’t know of any other Prancing Horse, or any other supercar for that matter, which has seen so much abuse and love at the same time.
The footage below shows us the machine, a highly customized Enzo, doing a violent series of donuts. Many would argue Enzos doing donuts have gone out of fashion, simply because we’ve seen tons of such episodes. These days, people do donuts in the LaFerrari.

Well, the owner of the Enzo in the clip below is certainly one of the exceptions. For one thing, he’s killed the car (by drowning it) and brought it back to life.

We are talking about a 2003 Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution - While this is not actually an Enzo XX racecar, it was initially built in the spirit of that car by Edo Competition. The machine has lived a normal (read: normally agitated) life for a number of years until it was killed back in 2011.

Zahir Rana, the owner, failed to keep the slip angle in check during the 2011 Targa Newfoundland Rally, with the Enzo landing nose-first into the Atlantic Ocean. The second video below shows the painful process.

Two years later, Edo Competition joined forces with ZR Auto to resuscitate the Fezza. Thus, the Ferarri ZXX was born. You can see this as a machine that’s street legal despite being way too raw for the status.

With 950 hp on tap, the thing can rival a LaFerrari in terms of grunt and without using any electrical assistance. From the reworked 6.5-liter V12 to the paint, this Enzo is one and a half the car it used to be. If you feed this thing enough asphalt, it will go all the way up to 245 MPH (395 KM/H).

While we’d be upset with other Enzo drivers abusing their cars past the limit of acceptable hooning, we’re glad to see this one being asked to roast its rear tires.

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