Moss: Schumacher Will Damage All His Achievements

Sir Stirling Moss is not at all convinced that Michael Schumacher will return to his winning ways in Formula One. As a matter of fact, he labelled the 7-time world champion as a “past it” in a recent interview with Metro, saying that the German's return to the series is not so much a continuation of his career, but rather another chapter in his retirement book.

With Schumacher's form clearly not at the same level as in his Ferrari years, plenty of people started criticizing the German for his decision to come back to F1. His defenders, however, insist that the German will show his true pace later in the season, as the 3 years he spent outside racing have had a visible effect on his form.

Moss, on the other hand, believes the Mercedes GP driver will not only fail to win a championship, but also “damage his achievements.” Additionally, he explained why he doesn't think Schumacher will make it in F1 at his return, in his most recent column with ESPN.

People say it's because he's been away for three years and that sort of stuff, but I'm going to stick to what I said at the start of the season: Until now, he's never had a truly competitive team-mate,” wrote Moss.

His seven world titles are, in my mind, misleading and I think we are seeing proof of that now he is up against Rosberg. Rosberg has proved himself as the team's No.1 and he's been faster than Schumacher in all circumstances,” added the former British ace.

Also, Moss argued that Schumacher now lacks another important thing in the series: motivation.

I'm not sure he is taking F1 as seriously as he was earlier in his career. You need a compulsion to be there, you can't just do it for fun, and I don't think Schumacher has that compulsion anymore. To win you need to believe that there is no way anybody else can beat you and, frankly, I don't think he's in that kind of mindset. It seems as though this year is just part of his retirement rather than an extension of his career.
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