Morgan Reveals the Super Sports Junior 3-Wheeler Pedal Car

Although Christmas is gone and your kids have probably received lots of presents already, it's never too late to make a surprise for them, especially when we're speaking about a super sport Junior Pedal Car from Morgan Motor!

The special car is in fact a sort of a tricycle built to 2/3 scale and based on the original Morgan 3-wheel vehicles. As the car company claims, the model is designed for children aged between 6 and 13 years.

And because your child deserves what's best in the world of tricycles, Morgan Motor Company has thought of using high quality materials to keep the weight down. As a matter of fact, the car maker has used aluminum to build the engine of the wonder 3-wheeler pedal car.

If that sounds attractive, you must be aware of the fact that only 500 children in this world will be the lucky owners of this amazing 3-wheeler pedal car as the company intends to limit the production of the model to this specific number.

However, the price is not what we could call a bargain as such a pedal-powered vehicle will cost no less than 2,510 UK pounds or 2,642 euros. In case you want to add a little bit of luxury to the model, leather upholstery to be more specific, this will cost you an extra 250 pounds.

Well, the weird tricycle may seem as if depicted from science fiction books and be rather expensive in comparison to an ordinary vehicle of the kind, but look at the bright side of the story! Your boy or girl will surely look awesome in it. Another precious photo in the family album!
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