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Morgan Beer Is Real And It Comes In Three Varieties

Motoring publications don’t write about beer all that often, but when they do, you can bet that it’s something special. Here’s a case in point: Morgan Motor Company partnered with The Friday Beer Company, which is based in the British automaker’s hometown of Malvern, in the county of Worcestershire, United Kingdom.
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Morgan beerMorgan beerMorgan beerMorgan beerMorgan beer
As you can see from the featured photograph, this partnership gave birth to three types of ale. This being Morgan, it comes as no surprise these beers were named after three of the British automaker’s most seminal models.

Morgan Aero 8 Rye Ale features 4.8% alcohol, which is a nod to the 4.8-liter V8 in the Aero 8, and it’s based on the traditional British bitter. With a variety of hops and grain in its content, this type of ale promises a spicy edge.

Morgan 4/4 Blonde Ale has an alcohol volume of 4.4% as a hat tip to the iconic model’s nameplate. Malted barley, a blend of oats, as well as carefully selected wheat give this blend a pale color and a strong taste. Hops and yeast further the aroma of this brew, which is best enjoyed when served chilled.

Morgan 3-Wheeler Dark Mild Ale, meanwhile, prides itself on the lowest volume of alcohol of the three at 3.0%. Incidentally, that’s also the number of wheels a 3-Wheeler has. Described as “a classic in the making,” the recipe is mildly hopped for a refreshing taste whether served by its own or with food.

“We are delighted to work with fellow local company Friday Beer to produce this collection of Ales for our customers and visitors,” said Steve Morris, managing director of the most classically correct British carmaker out there. “The final product, as well as the label and package designs, are absolutely fantastic and truly celebrate the heritage of the brand," he concluded.


Introducing a collection of new Morgan Ale, produced in partnership with fellow local company The Friday Beer Company

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