Morgan and Sennheiser Shake Hands to Reduce Your Stress While Driving 2023 Plus Models

If I put my hand in my pocket, I'll pull out a pair of Sennheiser wired headphones. So, it naturally made sense for me to bring to light a little automotive venture that involves one of my favorite audio manufacturers.
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Folks, a bit of news that ran across my screen earlier today shed light on a collaboration that involves two giants in their industry, as any solid collaboration should be carried out. I’m talking about a little shaking of hands between Sennheiser and Morgan Motor Company which has the famed audio company supplying the sound you can enjoy in Morgan Plus models to hit roads in January 2023. Time to explore a tad of what’s going on here.

To do so, let’s get to know a bit about the two crews involved in this venture. Regarding Sennheiser, all I really need to say is that this company has been on the market for over 75 years and is still managed by the same family. To give you an idea of the sort of gear they make, you can find in-ear headphones priced well into the thousands, concert-worthy gear, filmmaking audio equipment, home entertainment products, and automotive sound systems. If something can interact with sound, Sennheiser has explored its applications.

As for the crew now implementing Sennheiser gear in their vehicles, Morgan Motor Company, what is there to say? One look at their website tells you right away that there’s something different about this manufacturer. The main trait is that their works seem to have gone unchanged by time, but that’s just at first glance. In truth, this British manufacturer goes through great strides to ensure their vehicles are as modern as the people that drive them. Oh, they’ve also been in this industry for more than 11 decades.

Morgan and Sennheiser
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Now that you know a bit about the two crews involved, let’s see how we got here. Well, as I mentioned earlier, Morgan is always looking to “upgradetheir vehicles, and for the year 2023, an array of changes are underway for Morgan Plus rides. This includes the redesigned interior with aluminum dash and instrument panel, fresh artwork, and LCD display. Woods are still handcrafted and bring that lavish lifestyle feel, even though the current versions start around $70,000 (€69.000 at current exchange rates).

And part of the new features for 2023, Sennheiser is busting out the big guns to ensure you hear your favorite jams with or without a hardtop. Overall, Plus mobiles will include eight transducers, four visible speakers, and four invisible ones, hidden god knows where. Just kidding, three are behind the dashboard and the final one is hidden down low and tuned for bass.

Speaking of bass, Sennheiser is known for crisp and clear sounds and booming lows, and to relay that to your driving experience, Ambeo Contrabass is the sound-shaping algorithm that will be responsible for your lungs vibrating inside your chest. Judging by Sennheiser’s website, two points of bass exist in a vehicle equipped with this system, one at the cockpit and one at the rear of your four-wheeler.

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Photo: Morgan Motor Company
Apparently, this stuff is meant to reduce physical, stress too, on the bass drivers that is. But, I feel it’s safe to say that great bass is known to reduce physical stress on humanoid drivers, too, especially when they’re bumping their favorite jams. At least that’s how it feels when I sit in traffic. Also in line with Morgan ideals, a minimalistic design not only looks excellent in these cars but brings lightweight properties to the vehicles. As Morgan likes to put things, “additional weight is kept to a minimum, a must for any sports car.

There’s just one thing for me to do now, get in touch with a dealership that will offer 2023 Morgan Plus models, simply sit in it, and blast some of my favorite jams. I don’t even want to drive one; just kidding. I came for the music, and it looks like this automotive manufacturer is ready to cater to my want with a handshake with Sennheiser.
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