More Footage Possibly Related to the Bikers vs Range Rover Brawl [Follow-Up Video]

More Footage Possibly Related to the Bikers vs Range Rover Brawl 1 photo
Photo: MixedWithFruit
Things are starting to get serious as the police delves deep into the background of the Manhattan Brawl. The key element is obviously the complete video from which the first cut was released on the web.
That very video might have enough clues to direct the investigation in the right way. The initial footage is conveniently edited and cut in a way which avoids depicting what happened before the brake-check which seems to have flamed the riders and the beating Alexian Lien received.

It's probably down to the police to ask for that video or other witnesses and determine what happened before.

What's even more suspicious is that the account used to upload the initial video was terminated, as the channel contained multiple video files apparently showing more or less the same group of riders. While one of our readers from Portugal tipped us on this, we were too late to download the videos.

Luckily, LiveLeak user "MixedWithFruit" was quicker and he managed to seize the videos before they could be erased. We cannot tell whether the guys in these videos were directly involved in the Manhattan Brawl, but their riding shows tons of illegal maneuvers, including riding on the sidewalk, running the red and many more.

We're positive that the police will be able to track down some of these riders and have them summoned for a chat. However, seeing these fellows ride in such ways makes us wonder whether Alexian Lien did actually provoke them...

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