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Moped Turns Into Metal Broomstick-Like Electric Bike Concept

There are so many moped models around that it’s impossible for anyone to keep track of them all. And why would someone do that, considering they’re not that spectacular to begin with?
Katalis EV.500 9 photos
Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500Katalis EV.500
Ugly, usually utilitarian and with laughable performance, mopeds are the transportation means of choice for millions, especially in the overcrowded cities in Asia. These machines move around unnoticed, yet doing vital work in keeping cities alive.

But there are ways to make mopeds more exciting, and the concept we have in the gallery above is as good an example as any.

Designed by an Indonesian company that goes by the name of Katalis, the concept is called EV.500. It should have been shown at the now canceled Indonesia International Motorshow in April, but it made its debut online instead.

The electric vehicle is based on a completely dull moped sold locally and called Selis Garuda, only heavily modified.

The original frame and wing arm have been replaced with aluminum-made ones, on top of which a strange metal body was fitted. Supposed to be reminiscent of military design, it is definitely fun to look at.

"Mobility is not just moving from one point to another,” said Katalis’ Joseph Sinaga according to Bike Exif. “The journey must be a happy one. The EV.500 also offers a pollution-free riding experience, and helps protect the environment.”

Katalis made no modifications to the Garuda's electric powertrain, and the EV.500 comes powered by the same tiny assembly that allows a range of at most 35 km (22 miles) and a top speed of 35 kph (22 mph).

There are plans to launch the electric bike into limited production, and when that happens, the EV.500 could be gifted with a more potent version of the said powertrain that should bring both range and speed to more impressive levels.

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