Moon Unit Is an RV Addition To Extend Your Glamping Abilities and Be One With Nature

While searching for habitats suitable for mobile living, I decided to take a more straightforward approach to things. In doing so, I ran across a trinket that may just be the sort of low-priced living option you need on your next adventure.
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Photo: Let's Go Aero
Moon Unit Carrying CaseMoon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (RV Edition)Moon Unit (Overland Edition)
Folks, what we’ll be looking at today is a range of camping gear that has been dubbed Moon Unit. One of the beautiful things behind this trinket is that it’s suitable for a range of vehicles and all it does is provide an extra outside living space to your camper, van, or SUV. It’s basically just an additional room or living space.

How did something like this come about? Well, it’s a product line from an American-born team known for specializing in nothing other than outdoor lifestyle gear, Let’s Go Aero (LGA). If this name is rather new to you, welcome to the outdoor lifestyle industry, but this crew has been on the market since 1998. All their focus is on the off-grid lifestyle, so you can expect their products to be tuned to your needs and wants. Apparently, a simple extra room is something outdoor enthusiasts are looking for because this manufacturer just opened pre-orders on these tents.

Now, two options have been unveiled by LGA: an Overland Edition and RV Edition, and each looks just about the same but serves a slightly different purpose. Not to mention that they’re each priced about the same. The Overland comes in with a rate of 700 USD (642 EUR at current exchange rates), and the RV is set to sell at 760 USD (697 EUR).

Moon Unit \(Overland Edition\)
Photo: Let's Go Aero / YouTube Screenshot
To best understand how these tents work, imagine you’ve arrived at your selected campgrounds and have parked your vehicle or tow rig. Well, it’s now time to start arranging your campsite. Well, it’s here you’ll find what the Moon Unit is suitable for.

Let’s say you’re on an off-road e-bike or motocross adventure. Well, after a long day of riding around the mud, water, dust, and debris, the last thing you’ll want is to drag all that gunk into your camper or RV. To avoid that, you can use your Moon Unit as nothing more than a mudroom. Just make sure you’ve zipped up the exterior panel, so your neighbors won't see a different kind of moon.

If you’re off on a family trip, you could also use the Moon Unit for a couple of things. Let’s say you and the kids want to take a quick break from the sun but still want to feel the fresh air that the interior of an RV just can’t offer. Pull your chairs in and relax. At night, this space can easily double as a sleeping area for two folks, maybe more.

Moon Unit \(Overland Edition\)
Photo: Let's Go Aero / YouTube Screenshot
One of the standout features of this tens is its shape, arched to be as aerodynamic as possible when deployed. This means that wind and rain will affect the tent as little as possible. But an arched shape also produces the most space, so standing up straight shouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, 185T polyester ripstop is set on steel and fiberglass poles and includes a 360-degree tensioning system. Tailgate and RV connectors accompany the respective tents, while a weight of just 35 lbs (15.9 kg) means you can bring this along as nothing more than a piece of cargo. One main difference is that the RV Edition is height adjustable.

With functions and specs like the ones described above, you can understand why LGA is making a push with this sort of vehicle addition just as the spring season kicks off. If you’re looking to extend your vehicle’s camping capabilities, the Moon Unit or anything else like it is a trinket to consider for your camping season.

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