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Montsorrel: Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz's Wedding Venue and Nelson Peltz's $75M Beach House

The eldest Beckham child, Brooklyn, has just stepped down the aisle with actress Nicola Peltz over the weekend. And the lavish event happened at Nelson Peltz’s $75 million mansion in Miami, Florida, nicknamed Montsorrel.
Nelson Peltz's Palm Beach House 12 photos
Nelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNicola Peltz at Palm Beach HouseNicola Peltz at Palm Beach HouseNicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham at Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach HouseNelson Peltz's Palm Beach House
The Beckhams all found their way to ride to the event in style. David and Victoria Beckham arrived in Beck’s custom Maserati MC20 Fuoriserie Edition, Romeo pulled up in a Maserati Levante, and Cruz sat on the back seat of a Lamborghini Urus.

The wedding between David and Victoria’s eldest child, Brooklyn, and Nicola Peltz, actress and billionaire Nelson Peltz’s daughter, took place at the billionaire’s estate in Miami, Florida.

Nicknamed Montsorrel, in the early 2000s, Forbes dubbed it “the most expensive beach house,” rated then at $75 million.

Initially built in 1969 for Anita Young, the wife of Robert R. Young by French architect Jacques Regnault and Stephane Boudin from Maison Jansen, the property looks out across the ocean and spreads over 13 acres of land. Naturally, it also comes with its own private beach, a swimming pool, a walled garden, and a guest house. Inside, the white property comes with blue shutters, upstairs balconies, and large glass windows which offer stunning views of the sea.

According to the New York Daily News gossip column “Suzy Says” via Palm Beach Post, the mansion was a huge display of extravagance.

All sorts of stories and rumors grew up about the place — the marble entrance hall was 100 feet long, guests whose aristocratic feet wore out early would be provided with Jansen-decorated golf carts to get about the place, the 18th century parquet floors were better than those things at Versailles, the staircases were bowers of white orchids and amaryllis, the pool and loggia were too good for a Roman emperor, the glass-enclosed terraces were petrifyingly gorgeous. Whatever — 90% of the stories turned out be true.

Suzy concluded in the 1968 piece: “This Palm Beach showplace is Anita’s dream come true.”

Nelson Peltz purchased the property in 1987 for $13.5 million, and the family has since carried out renovations. In 2015, he asked for a 30-year-old loan to extend the oceanfront property. The main house is estimated at 44,000 sq ft (4,088 sq m). There is no information, however, on how many rooms it includes.

The property also hosted a lavish fund-raising dinner for former President of the United States Donald Trump in February 2020.

In 2022, it was the venue of Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding. For the event, the family accommodated three huge, white marquees overlooking the ocean.

Nicola is one of Nelson’s ten children, meanwhile, Brooklyn is the eldest of four. Just as a reference, Nelson Peltz has an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion, meanwhile Victoria and David are reportedly worth around $450 million each. The couple signed a prenup agreement, and Brooklyn even shared he’d be adding “Peltz” to his name.


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