Montblanc Put Pirelli Racing Tires on Its Suitcase, for Max Speed at the Airport

Most major auto companies use merchandising to boost profit, and it often includes partnerships with entities outside of the automotive industry. This is no different.
Montblanc x Pirelli cases have real Pirelli racing tires 3 photos
Montblanc x Pirelli cases have real Pirelli racing tiresMontblanc x Pirelli cases have real Pirelli racing tires
Pirelli, the tire manufacturing company, has agreed to another partnership with luxury goods maker Montblanc, which sees the latest Montblanc suitcase rolling on Pirelli racing tires. This should make your time at the airport all that much shorter and more pleasant.

The launch of the Montblanc x Pirelli line seems a bit odd considering it’s 2020 and there’s not much flying happening all over the world, but then again, Montblanc isn’t making stuff for regular Janes and Joes. This suitcase is targeted at the private jet flier, the kind of man or woman whose weekly commute includes at least one jaunt on board a private aircraft, where social distancing is easy.

For them, the new Montblanc suitcase with Pirelli racing tires, directly inspired by the treaded P Zero tires, is available online at Montblanc for $1,280. Designed with a focus on speed, ease of use thanks to the 360-degree rotating wheels, and convenience since the wheels were created with airport surfaces in mind and are noiseless, this case can make any airport stay shorter and more pleasant.

The case comes with a lightweight and durable shell of corrugated polycarbonate, with a branded strap. The shell is waterproof and solid enough to ensure that your belongings aren’t damaged at the hands of a more careless baggage handler.

Small enough to fit into the overhead compartment, the case qualifies as a carry-on. It has a telescoping handle for easy handling, and comes with a luggage tag and business card pocket, and a well-organized interior.

The Pirelli collaboration comes one year after Montblanc teamed up with BMW for a five-piece set of suitcases that were made in Florence, Italy. Putting downsized versions of actual tires on a case is becoming a thing, it would seem.

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