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Monster Trucks In Slow Motion Are Delicious

Anybody who’s spent some time in the company of monster truck knows these kinds of machines attack regular cars in a split second, devouring metal before you know it. Given all this, we can see a slow motion camera as the natural enemy of the monster truck, with the resulting footage exposing all its moves.
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This is exactly what we’re showing you today, thanks to a piece of footage from The Buck event, which took place in Lancaster, PA, on August 23.

Like we said, this brings the opportunity to see the metallic predator at work. For instance, when the driver decides to indulge in a series of spins, with more degrees than it’s healthy to count, this shows the truck’s fight for grip.

Notice how the power flows between each of the four wheels and how much of an effect the hefty rear steering angle has on the car’s maneuverability - there are also road cars that feature this solution, albeit in very limited numbers, but the angle of the rear wheels is considerably smaller than what we see here. Then again, if racing drivers don’t get to manhandle the real deal, who else could be suitable for such a job?

The suspension travel, with its gigantic monster truck value, also provides a good piece of entertainment, with the bound and rebound behavior being all too clear here.

And while monster trucks may seem indestructible, their height makes them vulnerable to tipping over, another aspect highlighted in the clip below.

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