Monster 1,700 HP Pontiac Firebird Runs 7-second Quarter Mile

It’s been almost four years since GM pulled the plug on Pontiac, but the company’s arrowhead-badged vehicles are still alive and kicking thanks to million of enthusiasts.
1,700 hp Firebird 1 photo
While some Pontiac fanatics are enjoying their restored classics doing burnouts in parking lots, others are modifying them for drag strip purposes. And we’re here to show you a 1,700 hp monster from the latter category.

We’re talking about a heavily-modified Firebird that sports a 425 cubic inch LSX V8 and a pair of turbochargers under the hood. The enormous amount of power is sent to the rear wheel via a Power Glide transmission, while cooling is provided by an air to water intercooler.

Wondering how fast this twin-turbo Pontiac is? Well, the final run in the video below reveals a 7.6-second quarter mile run at 184 miles per hour (296.1 km/h).


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