Moliving Promises To Wow Vacationing Guests With Luxurious and Mobile Prefab Rooms

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Imagine going to a hotel during the summer months and come winter, you normally end up visiting that same spot. This year, when you get there, the hotel is gone. You pull Google up and type in the name; the hotel is still open, but it's moved about 500 miles away and is now nestled on a beachfront. How!?
So, things are starting to get really weird in the hospitality sector. I say this because I've run across a prefabricated home manufacturer that is taking an entirely new approach to mobile living, mobile vacationing. Yes, Moliving is a builder of mobile homes for the hospitality sector; furthermore, they're approaching the whole ordeal with a focus on luxury, yielding prefab units the likes of five-star hotels.

To best understand what this sort of approach can achieve for hotel owners and guests, follow along with this short story you've begun reading. From a hotel owner's perspective, imagine that the summer season for the northern U.S. is almost over, and unless your guests enjoy a bit of snow, your hotel business is bound to face some downtime.

Now imagine that your hotel or housing units are mobile ones, and the fact that winter is upon you means nothing; just give Moliving a call, and they'll arrange for your luxury compound to be moved to your preselected area. Luckily for your guests, you've moved the hotel from its Northern California grounds to SoCal, offering your sun-loving visitors year-round use. What's that translate to if you're a hotel owner? It means no off-season spending; it means no downtime, no lost rental costs. Imagine an Airbnb business designed to work like this.

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Part two of this nomadic journey needs to be analyzed from the perspective of the guest. Aside from enjoying the feeling of seeing a different view every time you go on vacation to the same luxury hotel, you will also be welcomed with a habitat that is the peak of modern mobile living.

As you approach your freshly relocated hotel room, the first features that may attract your eyesight are the 120 sq ft (11.1 sq m) of exterior deck space with large floor-to-ceiling windows in the backdrop that reveal nothing more than a large bed for guests. Try and visualize what it may be like waking up in this bedroom and being greeted by nothing more than the rising sun over a lake. Pretty dang neat, huh? Four months later, that same sun rises from over a mountain range. Another four months later, out of the Grand Canyon. Starting to get the idea?

From the bedroom, the rest of the home unfurls 400 sq ft (37.2 sq m) of living space, covered with materials like wood, carpeting, tiles, marble, and semiprecious metals the likes found on yachts. I did mention luxury several times, so that's really no surprise. These materials create spaces such as the bathroom, living room, dining area, kitchen, and even a workspace, just in case you need to work on that project you've been putting off.

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Photo: Moliving Inc
All this is considered off-grid living, so Moliving took the necessary steps to ensure that each unit can offer guests and business owners the tools they need to minimize costs and leave behind as small a carbon footprint as possible. Yes, each unit can be equipped to function solely on the sun's power, leaving only water and waste to be tended to. Not bad if you ask me.

At the end of your vacation, all you need to do is ask your accommodation provider where they'll be in the next four months, and if you like the destination, just book your next stay. Maybe you just want to book this lake you've been reading about for the past few minutes. Just book that season instead. Whatever your choice, it should ensure that everyone is happy, and that's just good business.

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