Moldovan President Igor Dodon Injured as Truck Crashes Into Motorcade

Igor Dodon, the President of Republic of Moldova since 2016, has been involved in a serious car accident yesterday, when a truck smashed in the Presidential convoy, hitting 2 cars.
One of the cars from the Moldovan President convoy, after crash near Chisinau 5 photos
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According to the BBC and footage making the rounds online, the accident occurred when a truck coming from the other direction tried to overtake another vehicle. Because of the wet weather, the driver lost control of the truck and it smashed into the Presidential motorcade, hitting 2 cars.

The accident occurred on the road to the town of Straseni, near Chisinau. The President, his mother, his wife and of one of their sons were in one of the cars hit, security personnel in the other. One vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz S500 4Matic overturned, while a Volkswagen was pushed off the road by the force of the impact.

All those involved in the accident were taken to a hospital in Chisinau for routine medical checkups, and the President was released shortly afterwards. MediaFax reports that he only suffered bruises and scratches in the crash, so he didn’t even need medical assistance.

Footage from the scene of the crash is available at the bottom of the page. The accident was caught on the dash camera of one of the cars in the Presidential convoy, and it’s clear that the truck driver was at fault. Details about his condition haven’t been made public as of now.

Dodon has been an ally of Vladimir Putin for years, but this accident is enough for commenters to point the finger at the Russian President, since he has a reputation of knowing how to dispense with unwanted acquaintances. Others believe someone else could have ordered a political hit.

Ion Ceban, president of PSRM (the country’s Socialist Party) thinks it’s no coincidence Dodon was involved in a crash just 3 days after himself was in one, as well. “It’s strange that, only 3 days after the car I was traveling in with my driver was hit, the President’s vehicle was involved in such a serious accident,” he says, as cited by MediaFax.

He doesn’t name any names, but he does speak of the need to be more careful in the future, so as to be able to carry forth “all that we must accomplish.”

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