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Modular Porsche Taycan VIP GT Easy-Shows How to Do Crazy Digital Stuff With EVs

Everyone knows that performance and luxury EVs function like a closed-environment (Apple-style) system, so it is not much you can do to a Tesla Model S Plaid if Musk and Co. do not OTA-want it. However, that does not mean EVs need to have boring looks.
Porsche Taycan VIP Modular slammed GT rendering by musartwork 7 photos
Porsche Taycan VIP Modular slammed GT rendering by musartworkPorsche Taycan VIP Modular slammed GT rendering by musartworkPorsche Taycan VIP Modular slammed GT rendering by musartworkPorsche Taycan VIP Modular slammed GT rendering by musartworkEV projects by musartworkEV projects by musartwork
Speaking of the former Freemont, California now Austin, Texas-based automaker slash clean energy company, we recently caught wind of at least one Plaid example that got CGI-dressed in an outrageous slammed widebody attire ahead of the rendering-to-reality build that will also grace SEMA Show 2022. And we loved its crimson looks because we are suckers for red EVs... among other things.

So, it was only natural for Musa Rio Tjahjono, the virtual artist better known as musartwork on social media, who is always ready to defy conventions and slam all EV expectations around to catch our attention with his crimson take on a rivaling battery-powered sedan matter. The Head Designer at West Coast Customs slash pixel master socialite seems to have a knack for motorsport-inspired Taycan makeovers.

Thus, after a recent alternate universe, Ken Block virtually took home a Porsche Taycan Audi RS to hoon daily instead of an e-tron GT, now it is time to meet yet another feisty Taycan conversion. Just as wishful thinking as the other one, the Porsche EV got dressed in crimson attire, this time around, and followed the JDM-style and motorsport-inspired precepts to the virtual letter.

And it did so completely, with a slammed attitude, a glossy black and red GT aerodynamic kit, as well as JDM-flavored VIP Modular wheels featuring a subtle deep-dish gray contrast just to make things obvious that “there's a lot more we can do with electric cars.” Now, if only Porsche ditched the confusing Turbo S monikers and allowed aftermarket people to fiddle with the EV powertrain to come up with an appropriate 1,000-plus-hp Plaid response.

Editor's note: Gallery includes prior EV projects by the same author.


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