Modernized Porsche 944 Looks Sleek, Rubber Ducktail Spoiler Stands Out

Modernized Porsche 944 5 photos
Photo: thesketchmonkey/youtube
Modernized Porsche 944 renderedModernized Porsche 944 renderedModernized Porsche 944 renderedModernized Porsche 944 rendered
These days, there are plenty of Porsche lovers who have a difficult time getting over the four-cylinder switch of the 718 Boxster and Spyder, but, of course, the discussions about four cylinders being too few for a Zuffenhausen machine are nothing new. For instance, such talk also took place in the early 80s, when the carmaker introduced the 944.
This model upped the ante on multiple fronts compared to the 924, with the latter being the first front-engined rear-wheel-drive Porscha to enter the market, despite the 928 grand tourer having been designed first.

Compared to the 928, which was an all-V8 effort, the 944 was more affordable and easier to handle. Of course. this meant the four-cylinder model was hugely popular, despite its below-Turbo derivatives not packing that much of a punch.

So you can easily understand why digital artist The Sketch Monkey has now chosen to gift us with a rendering portraying a modernized incarnation of the Porsche 944 - on top of all that, it seems that multiple gear heads messaged the pixel wielder, asking him for such a visual stunt.

Now, if you happen to be in a rush, you can simply check out the screenshots above for the updated Zuffenhausen machine. If, however, you're willing to zoom in on the Photoshop process that led to its birth, make sure to check out the YouTube clip below for the full trip.

Marouane (this is the actual name of the artist) always loves to talk us through the creation of his renderings, so you might just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the shenanigan.

Any chances of seeing the 944 and the 928 coming back in the future?

Well, given the existence of the four-pot 718 models, Porsche won't give us a remake of the 944 anytime soon. So it looks like this pixel work is all we have for now.

Nevertheless, there have been plenty of rumors revolving around the return of the 928, with this being expected to land as a Panamera Coupe.

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