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Modernized Ford GT40 Has Killer Downforce, Looks Like a Coke Bottle

Now that the Ford v Ferrari motion picture has brought the GT40 back under the spotlights, it's only natural for the world wide web to pay attention to the 1960s racecar that allowed the Blue Oval to show Maranello who's the Le Mans boss for three years in a row. These days, when the Internet has a machine in its crosshairs, you can be certain that the renderings are coming!
Modernized Ford GT40 Has Killer Downforce 4 photos
Modernized Ford GT40 Has Killer Downforce (rendering)Modernized Ford GT40 Has Killer Downforce (rendering)Modernized Ford GT40 Has Killer Downforce (rendering)
Well, here we are, talking about a pixel portrait allowing us to focus on a GT40 that has been remastered. The racer has maintained its retro profile and while the aero additions fitted to the vehicle come from the modern era, the integration is the smooth kind - we can thank digital artist Yasid Oozeear for this, with the aficioandos being one of the pioneers of the ever-sharper rendering realm.

Up front, we have a splitter, along with a pair of fat arches. However, the massive changes revolve around the rear aches, which are now integrated into a flying buttress structure.

As for the posterior of the Blue Oval machine, this has been redefined, not least thanks to an LED strip that might just run from one side of the vehicle to the other - check out the social media post below, which portrays the pixel work and you'll understand.

Would this design help the GT40 hit an even greater top speed on the Mulsanne straight? (for instance, the Mk IV GT40 climbed to 212 mph for the 1967 race). This is a question that one could probably answer using a game, but it's another story for another time.

Meanwhile, a gear head took to the comments section of the post to suggest that somebody should grab a Ford GT40 replica and bring this digital dream to reality. And it's worth mentioning the result, as spectacular as it would be, still wouldn't make for the wildest custom ride based on such a replica, as that title probably goes to the Liberty Walk widebody Lamborghini Miura.


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