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Modernized Buick Riviera Makes for Elegant CGI Return Based on Cadillac's CT6

Interestingly, General Motors is now more successful with the Buick subsidiary in China than at home in North America. Hence, the stark difference between the regional lineups. Or the lack of proper flagships.
Modernized Buick Riviera rendering based on Cadillac CT6 by jlord8 6 photos
Modernized Buick Riviera rendering based on Cadillac CT6 by jlord8Modernized Buick Riviera rendering based on Cadillac CT6 by jlord8Modernized Buick Riviera rendering based on Cadillac CT6 by jlord8Big Body Chevy based on Cadillac CT6Big Body Chevy based on Cadillac CT6
Today, there are just a handful of crossovers and SUVs left in Buick’s range for the U.S. market. They all start with the letter “E” as if to signal the retreat into the current “safe SUV sales” territory. And perhaps to make sure fans won’t remember who’s who between the Encore, Encore GX, (all-new) Envision, and the Enclave. And don’t say they have the Avenirs, because those hardly qualify as being too distinct.

Diehard Buick aficionados will fondly remember the days when nameplates such as Riviera, Century, Grand National, or Regal were battling for supremacy with their competitors. Speaking of certain fans of the 1980s and 1990s classics (who also happen to own a 1986 Buick Regal T-Type), there’s one pixel master known only as Jim (aka jlord8 on social media) that can also take matters into his digital hands.

And bring back the good old times with a thoughtfully elegant modern-day take on the Riviera personal luxury car. As always, there’s little to no information about what kickstarted his mind on this imaginative journey, save for the self-expressed love of yesteryear’s big coupes. The rest, of course, can always be read between the lines.

What we have here is a modernized Riviera Coupe that seems inspired by the fourth- and fifth-generation Rivieras from the looks of the distinctive rear-glass treatment. No information about the powertrain is being given, so we can easily speculate just about anything – from a traditional V8 and RWD configuration to futuristic independent all-wheel drive via four little electric engines!

As for the donor car, anyone who is well acquainted with this CGI expert’s past work probably noticed an uncanny resemblance. Both background and the car itself seem close to a hypotheticalbig body” Chevrolet sedan that probably couldn’t decide if either the company’s Caprice or Impala would be worthier of the rebirth.

And that one was based on the defunct Cadillac CT6 four-door, so it’s probably safe to assume this new Buick Riviera is also piggybacking on the same real-to-virtual DNA.

Editor's note: Gallery includes previous work from jlord8 along with base photo of Cadillac CT6.


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