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Modern Toyota Celica Brings Sexy Back in Sharp Rendering

Toyota keeps filling trademark applications for the Celica nameplate, with the most recent one registered in January. Every time that happens, enthusiasts start wondering if the move actually has something to do with the rumored resurrection of the sports car nameplate. Until we get more clues on the matter, we've brought along an independent rendering showcasing such a potential revival.
Modern Toyota Celica (rendering) 6 photos
Modern Toyota Celica renderingToyota Celica (ST185 generation)Toyota Celica (ST185 generation)Toyota Celica (ST185 generation)Toyota Celica (ST185 generation)
Back in the summer of 2017, the Japanese automaker filed a trademark application for the Celica name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. One year later, Masayuki Kai, the Toyota Supra assistant chief engineer said that while the company would love to bring back more of its sporty nameplates, such as the Celica and the mid-engined MR2, building a business case for sports car is extremely difficult these days.

As for the trademark application filed two months ago, it covers "automobiles and structural parts thereof." That could mean anything, from a Supra limited edition (after all, the now-in-its-fifth-generation Supra did start out in life as a Supra derivative), to a special development for the second-generation 86 that will be unveiled this year or even a brand new model that would finally bring continuity to a bloodline that was left behind fifteen years ago.

Now, if we also consider the fact that Toyota is almost ready to unveil a new hypercar (this GR Super Sport project should receive a new designation for the real world), the chances of the Celica coming back are extremely slim, at least when talking about internal combustion.

One way to see the nameplate brought back into showrooms could involve electrification, so it wouldn't surprise to see a battery-powered Celica in the future.

Meanwhile, the digital portrait on your screens brings a modern interpretation of the understated jewel that is the Celica All-Trac Turbo of the early 90s (known as the GT-Four in Japan and marketed under the Turbo 4WD name in Canada).

Continuing the World Rally Championship-proven work of its ST165-generation predecessor, the ST185-gen homologation special in question relies on a potent 2.0L turbo-four and AWD to deliver plenty of driving thrills.

The styling of the original has been maintained, albeit with certain elements being hyperbolized. For one, the flared arches accommodating Turbofan-like wheels easily show this proposal means business.

Then there's the meaty air intake up front, with the LED bar in its upper section accompanied by what appears to be a fixed version of the modern classic model's pop-up units.

The airflow manipulation deserves special attention, from the hardware adorning the hood and the roof scoop to the pair of spoilers at the back.

Oh, and you might already be familiar with the work of Craig Kember, the designer who came up with this Celica tribute in his spare time. That's because he's responsible for the exterior and interior design of multiple Toyota production models, race cars, and concepts (for one, he penned the interior of the Mk V Supra-previewing FT-1 show car).

"This is my homage to one of the coolest Japanese rally cars, the 90’s All-Trac Celica. There are rumors floating around that Toyota is going to bring back the Celica name, hopefully they will with a little nod to the racing heritage that the name earned," the designer states on Instagram.


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