Modern Hero Creates Cheap Car Gaming System for Disabled Children Using Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an incredible piece of technology, and when it ends up in the right hands, it can give birth to some pretty amazing creations.
The Raspberry Pi-powered gaming system 7 photos
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This time, someone on reddit has come up with a brilliant idea that could not only come in handy to so many parents out there but which can easily restore our faith in humanity.

User SoranosEphesus says their job is to drive disabled children to school every day, and in order to make the time spent in the vehicle as entertaining as possible, they decided to build a custom gaming system that would be both affordable and powerful.

And once again, the Raspberry Pi came in handy, as it was the core of a simple yet clever setup that eventually brought to fruition this welcome gaming console for the car.

In addition to the Pi and all the other components that are required to get it running, the setup also includes a 13-inch full HD display that could be purchased rather cheap from the likes of eBay and AliExpress. To keep the screen securely in place, they turned to a screen holder that fits a 13-inch panel.

A power inverter was also required to get the display and the Pi up and running, while a gamepad served as the final piece of the mix to obviously be able to play the games.

Needless to say, the Raspberry Pi must be running a dedicated retrogaming operating system, and given there are so many of them out there, choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult (I would personally go for RetroPie, but Recalbox also does its job very well). Once everything is ready, you should be able to play PSX games flawlessly – pictured here is Crash Team Racing on PSX, and according to the man who built the whole thing, the performance is just perfect, with no hiccup whatsoever.

Apparently, building the whole thing from scratch shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars, as for the time to do it, it should just be ready in 10 minutes once you finish the software configuration.

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